Music is a powerful thing. It is an emotional language that can reach out and touch hearts without verse, or lend power to lyric. It can elevate ideas to art, sharpen words to weapons, and bring people together who would find no common ground beyond its borders. It opens something inside us that gives us insight to ourselves, and our relationships to others. It can shape our understanding, and it can energize our spirits. Music changes the world.

My name is Andrew Flinner, and I am a songwriter.

I love to create. I love the process of making new music; crafting a lyric, experimenting with different instruments and sounds, shaping and singing something that lifts up or cuts deep. Whatever the tone or texture, I want it to be effective. I want to make something beautiful, or point to what is beautiful by contrast.

It is my hope that the music you hear from me will find a home with you. I hope you like it. I hope you find the good in it. And I hope you're carrying it with you when it's your turn to change the world.

- Andrew